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  • Digital Telecom
  • IP Telecom
  • Hosted Services
  • Mobil Messaging
  • Quality assurance recording, (audio and or video)
  • Voice and data networking
  • Paging, (local overhead, remote overhead)

Whether you are purchasing a new phone system selecting a provider, or moving your business, TEI offers a full range of consulting services. There are over 100 different phone system solutions to choose from in the market today.

  • Do you need Digital, or IP?
  • Do you need stated business model, or growth potential?
  • Do you need “Conference” capability or “Bridge Conference”?
  • Multi-function digital sets, IP sets or standard single line analog phone sets?
  • Do you want to lease or purchase out right?
  • What about what type of provider?
  • Copper POTS, CENTREX, T1, PRI, IP, SIP.

Any idea what any of these terms mean? 

Don’t feel bad most of the sales people selling their product don’t know either.

Not everybody needs a phone system. And you need someone to guide you to a solution that best meets your needs. Making the wrong discussion can cost you thousands of dollars a year in wasted services and time.